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Pure Hygiene
Never Looked Better.
CWS PureLine
CWS PureLine

A hygiene solution that perfectly fits your needs whenever, where ever

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CWS Our individual hygiene solutions always fit your washroom

Your customers deserve Feel Good Hygiene

That’s the feeling you get when you enter a washroom: with our technological advanced PureLine dispensers you will experience high quality and feel pure hygiene. Our products are durable and designed to promote the economical and resource-saving use of consumables.

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PureLine Dispenser

Pure Hygiene
can be fun

CWS Ease of use for Schools and Day care centers

And full of ideas.

We offer solutions that work perfectly, even for the littlest ones. The products are fun to use and work intuitively. We stand for safety and reduce waste wherever possible. Good for today and their future. Thanks to our sensor technology, unnecessary contact with surfaces is avoided. With our service we contribute to higher hygiene standards for our children.

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Getting smarter
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High quality hygiene for healthcare High quality hygiene for healthcare
High quality hygiene for healthcare

Clean where it counts

Easy, intuitive and ready to use, at those moments when it’s needed most. We offer certified solutions to improve hygiene. Hygiene becomes smart and 100% available with our IoT-ready PureLine dispensers. Therefore all of our Non-Touch dispensers are equipped with a chip. Dispensing quantity can be adjusted, via an app, according to your needs. Future developments will help to further optimize your process chain. This makes our dispensers ideal in places with multiple washrooms. Sustainability plays an important role; we use recycled materials wherever possible.

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CSR Ecolabel VAH Baluer-Engel
The PureLine
washroom solution
circular business model With our circular business model, we contribute to a healthier and safer, more sustainable world

By 2025 we want to supply more than 90% of our new business with sustainable products.

Reuse We develop high quality products that last, and we extend their useful life as long as possible by optimizing them for repair.

Think Circular Think Circular
Sustainable hygiene

Recycle We improve our cycles by using recycled materials whenever possible.


of all dispensers

Reduce We focus on reducing our use of resources, our emissions, and, overall, our environmental impact.


Sustainable Paper FSC certificated and EU Ecolabel.

Sustainable No waste
of products

Our liquid pouches empty fully in the reservoir, to prevent waste on consumables.

we think circular

Our service model

With our service model, we take care of you. From installation to delivery of consumables and on-site maintenance. We like to think about the best hygiene solutions for you, so that you can concentrate on your daily work - and don’t have to worry about the washrooms.

Of course, we are flexible and the service cycles can be adapted as desired. Whether it’s different service days or adjusted consumption quantities, we like to think along. With us, your hygiene is in good hands. We take care of the maintenance of the dispensers and, if necessary, repair or replace them. With our solutions you create an experience in the washroom that make visitors leave the room safe and with a smile on their face.

We are there for you: on the phone, by mail and during our regular service visits. Our advisers will be happy to talk to you.

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Proactive smart
restroom service
availability 100%
CWS PureLine Features
Whatever you plan,
CWS fits in
360° Pure Hygiene The highest level of hygiene with sensor technology Explore

Maximum hygiene?
No Problem!

Use the Non-Touch Version.

More Features of the CWS PureLine product family Learn more
Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser Available Products
  • Foam (Touch, Non Touch)
  • Soap (Touch, Non Touch)
  • Disinfect (Touch, Non Touch)
  • Easy and intuitive to use, also for children and people with less mobility
  • Customized dispensing quantity of soap
  • Soaps certified with EU-EcoLabel
  • PH-neutral and allergy-free
  • 100% Availability with reserve tank and long battery life
  • Drip free dispensing
Hand Drying
Hand Drying Cotton Towel Dispenser
  • Thanks to retraction system, always a new, fresh portion of towel
  • Two-chamber system hygienically separates fresh and used towels
  • Contributes to an overall waste reduction of up to 95%
Hybrid Paper Roll
  • 100% availability - automatically switches to a manual function in case of low battery
  • Restroll function – possible to fill before roll is fully empty
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
Folded Paper
  • Large filling volume
  • Sheet per sheet dispensing for optimal hygiene and efficiency
Hand Disinfection
Hand Disinfection Features
  • Available in a Touch and Non-Touch version
  • Customized dispensing quantity of disinfection gel
  • Drip free dispensing
  • Meets all requirements for hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500 and for surgical hand disinfection according to EN 12791
  • Supports concepts such as HACCP, LMHV and similar systems
  • 100% Availability with reserve tank and long battery life
Hand Lotion
Hand Lotion Features
  • Available in a Touch and Non-Touch version
  • Customized dispensing quantity of lotion
  • Drip free dispensing
  • 100% Availability with reserve tank
  • PH skin-neutral, dermatologically tested
  • Free from fragrances, silicones, parabens, colorants, micro plastics and liquid polymers
Surface Cleaner Toilet
Surface Cleaner Toilet Features
  • Available in a Touch and Non-Touch version
  • Alcohol-free, ready-to-use foam to clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Highly effective against all enveloped viruses and bacteria
  • Free of fragrances, aldehydes, parabens and silicones and dermatologically tested
  • Adjustable dispensing quantity
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Features
  • 100% availability because of enhanced handling of roll: drops into the dispensing compartment automatically when the first roll is empty
  • Refill in between, after one roll is used
  • Space-saving vertical format
  • Roll-brake prevents endless unrolling and reduces consumption
  • Lock with key for theft protection
Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner Features
  • Available in a Touch and Non-Touch version
  • Practical for use in and outside the washroom
  • Cleans surfaces such as desks in offices, changing tables in day-care centers and tables in restaurants
  • Foam instead of liquid for easy cleaning
  • Advanced formula for higher hygiene standards
Air Bar
Air Bar Features
  • Different fragrances to create the right air ambiance in your rooms
  • Perfect for (child) care facilities, restaurants, conference rooms, washrooms and many other areas
  • Neutralizes unwanted odors, such as smoke, sweat or toilet odors.

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